Sunday, February 9, 2020

Project leadership and change management plan Essay

Project leadership and change management plan - Essay Example In the case of Farnsdale, the project involves the change of the management system including the leadership approaches used by the business. The firm becomes the project since it has defects in all departments. The first phase will include a clarification of the firms goals, mission, and objectives. Additionally, individual departments should also adopt personal and group objectives that will serve as motivational factors for the firm in the long-run. The approach will also identify the presence of double role allocation that is the major cost of the firm’s costs due to increased employee numbers. The leadership structure will also be identified as the main source of failure since the rigid corporate structure. Ms. Cynthia Simpson does not have the required leadership skills to run such a large company. All she cares about is power and a management structure that will adhere to her rules. The presence of many bosses and unnecessary positions are also part of the problem because the firm incurs more costs in settling salaries with fewer outputs. The increment in the number of secretaries portrays double role allocation that would be catered for by one employee. The business also lacks team attitude that in most cases is responsible for personal competition. The factor has led to top employees leaving the firm since there are no competition and employee satisfaction. The lack of motivation has caused the employees to conduct their allocated roles on monetary motives rather than company objectives and goals (Blake and Bush, 2009). Farnsdale also lacks proper communication channels between the higher ranks and the workers in lower departments. The leadership approach can be determined as autocratic since Ms. Cynthia Simpson does not take advice from other leaders in the firm. She makes operation decisions on her own while her ‘Clowns agree

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