Friday, March 13, 2020

Analysis of the Anti-Hero in the movie Blow essays

Analysis of the Anti-Hero in the movie Blow essays Why is it that in life we come across so many people who we know that we shouldnt care about, but we do any way? They could be committing the most horrible crimes but there is something that still draws us to them. We can identify with them, they mystify us and we do care, we dont want anything to happen to them. In movies, when we see this type of person on screen, we distinguish them by calling them the antihero. Their image is created by numerous good and bad qualities that make them who they are. In the movie Blow, the main character, George Jung, played by Johnny Depp is considered to be the antihero. George Jung is an only child coming from a lower class family. His father works extremely hard to provide a proper life for his son and wife. However, no matter how hard he works, his wife is never happy. George has a rough childhood. He has to constantly watch his father and mother fight. His mother takes everything for granted while his father struggles to keep the family surviving. George continues to become more distant from his mother and develops a strong relationship with his father. George takes sympathy for his father and hates how they have to live. He vows to his father that when he gets older, he never wants to be poor. His father replies to him that he never would, but also tells him that money doesnt matter. This will come to be one of the biggest and hardest lessons that George learns the hard way. George grows up and realizes he needs to get out of the suburbs where everything went wrong for him and his family. George has a good heart and is very friendly, but he has one major downfall. This is the fact that he is very lazy. He wants money but he doesnt want to have to work for it. This is how everything gets started and is how he gets involved with dealing cocaine. George creates a whole new life for himself and has numerous close friends. He is having the...

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